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Do you yearn to create something? Have you always thought you weren’t creative? Were you told as a child that you weren’t an artist? And did you believe that about yourself? That was my story.  I came from a very artistic family and did learn to sew and embroider. I was satisfied with that for a long time.  I worked hard in a left brained science based job for years, but in the back of my mind, I yearned to make something with my hands. One day, over 20 years ago, I was at the Santa Monica Main Library, looking through magazines.  I was struck, well it felt like that. I saw a blanket that I just loved.  That blanket sparked something within. I didn’t just want to buy it, I could have done that. No, I wanted to make it.  It was a hand-dyed ikat blanket handwoven by Pauline Sargent.  In order to do that, I would need to learn how to weave, dye and plan ikat patterning.  Well, I did do that and it started my journey to Flying Goat Farm.



The journey has not been a straight line. There have been a few more jobs, a few more homes and a cross-country move. But there in the background is always the dream. Bill and I had a dream to buy some land and plant an orchard, a dream to have chickens and goats, a dream to spin fiber grown on my animals and to dye it the colors of earth, sky, forest and ocean and a dream to live more sustainably and to tend our piece of the earth as organically as we can.

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Today we have 25 acres, 100 fruit and nut trees, dozens of blueberry bushes and raspberry canes. We have 70-something chickens, 3 roosters, 9+ guinea fowl, 24 goats, 10 sheep, 4 cats and 4 dogs. We also have off-farm jobs. People wonder how we do it all! Right now, the farm is the 2nd or 3rd job for each of us.  But it is such a joy to come home after a long day and feed some goats, collect some eggs, pull some weeds, dye a pot of yarn and breathe the fresh air all around us. And most importantly, I create nearly every day. I can call myself, a fiber artist!


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We sell our organically grown eggs, preserves and pickles to farm customers and at local farm markets. We also sell mohair locks, fleeces, roving and yarn. I hand dye commercial and farm yarn, roving and fabric. All are available by visiting the farm or our ETSY store.  We offer spinning, dyeing and weaving workshops, as well as animal care classes so you can start your own artistic and/or farm journey too! You can also stay informed and connected by completing the newsletter sign-up on the right.

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